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Keysafe Tenerife

A special Service!

Explanation of our System!

You as our Customer, can generate you a Login on our Website, in which you enter only your Name (first Name), your Phone- Number and email address for the confirmation of your Account specify as a Customer of our Service. And then you can use our Service after confirming your email address.

In addition to the confirmation you will receive a Number (key code), that you should keep well, and of course, your Password, which you must also specify, when you sign on yourself.

Handing over the Key!

At the Meeting in a neutral Place, we take your Key, and keep them in a sealed Envelope. This becomes closed from you and marked with your Number.

At the same time you sign a Contract for a term of 12 months and you obtain from us a Receipt.

In both cases, we no record your Address or your full Name, because we want to preserve your Anonymity.

So, now a Key of your House or Apartment is already in safe Hands, as we don´t know, at which Door lock this Key fits to, or where the Door lock is built in.

Key lost, what must you do now ?

If it happens to you, that you leave your House and you don´t have a key with you, you can call us and give us your Key code.


Once we have entered your Data into our System, you must still tell us the Password what you generated, and then we can bring you your Keys to a certain neutral Meeting Place.

This Service also applies to Owners who wish to deposit their Key sure in Tenerife, and then to come without large Circumstances to the Key of their Home to make their Holidays in Tenerife.

(This Meeting Point will be by no means before your Doorstep, because we want to preserve your Anonymity) !!!

We give you the Key at the Meeting Point and we get our Journey paid from you, which is coming for you still cheaper than a Locksmiths !!

Once you have open your House or Apartment, you come back to the Meeting Point and we take the Key back in Reception and seal it in your Envelope (such as the first time), so you will have the Opportunity for Key reception at your next Mishap,

This Service for an annual fee of only € 75 .– € (6.25 € per month), is a good Alternative to an expensive Locksmiths.

The Service for Key Delivery is for the whole Island only 25 .– € Euro / per Delivery.

We look forward to your Inquiry!





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